Mahakam Delta System: Modern and Ancient, Integration of outcrops, modern depositional  processes and subsurface data

Date & Place : October 3rd-5th, 2017 | Samarinda
Instructor : Erlangga Septama, Ph.D and Herman Darman, M.Sc.

Investment Fee : IDR 17.000.000,- / participant

” Hotel accomodation, Transportation during field trip, VIP Bus, Meals, Refreshment, Excursion guide book, T-shirt, Field Hat, Certificate, Photo group, Medical and HSE Team, Field geological Equipment ( Map, Geology compass, Hammer geology and Magnifier).
Excluded VAT Tax.”

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 About The Fieldtrip:

The ancient and modern Mahakam Delta systems offer an excellent opportunity for up-close observation of the mixed fluvial and tidal influence delta succession within outcrops and the modern sedimentation processes. These analog exhibit aspects of the ordered stratigraphic architecture within a range of spatial scales that are equivalent to those encountered in subsurface (e.g. well log, core and seismic data) and therefore can be used to support the interpretation at the field development scale. This proposal outlines a three-day field observations and studies of sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleo-geomorphology and reservoir characterization of deltaic and its adjacent environment deposit.

This field trip is addressed to geologist, geophysicist, and reservoir engineer with interest in field based training of sequence stratigraphic methodology for geological correlation, facies analysis, reservoir geometry and heterogeneity prediction to build a comprehensive and realistic geological model. In the past, this fieldtrip have been particularly valuable for Pertamina EP employees who are working in siliciclastic reservoir environment.

Middle Miocene Balikpapan Group, Pulau Balang Formation and Modern Mahakam Delta allow to stimulate discussion on different-scale deltaic depositional processes and on the regional significance of these deposits: field exercises will be proposed with aim to compare and/or correlate subsurface based model (seismic and log) with outcrop analogs. In the light of recent advanced technology of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the digital outcrop modelling (DOM) using drone is also incorporated to support the field exercise and interpretation.



  • Acquire useful information about the various deltaic facies morphometrical parameters such as typical channel thickness, slope gradient, width and sinuosity, lateral vs. vertical stacking pattern, dimension and geometry.
  • Observe modern processes and relate them to the sediment dispersal processes, facie distribution, sand shale ratio and reservoir distribution prediction in subsurface.  Observe and learn the lateral variation of facies, inter-relationships between reservoir, reservoir quality from various sand facies and the complexity of the reservoir that we may encounter in subsurface and how they impact the field development
    Understanding data type and scale, and how they impact the petroleum business

You Will Learn :

Day 1 

  • Deltaic Sequence
  • Fluvial ‐ Flash flood deposit
  • Marine shelf‐slope deposit, Mud volcano (optional)
  • Deepwater Slope Channel‐Levee system

Day 2 

  • Deltaic Head of Facies
  • Distributary and Tidal Channel
  • Modern Delta Front Estuarine area
  • Modern Distributary Mouthbar

Day 3 

  • Deltaic, deltafront ‐ lower delta plain Parasequence
  • Transgressive back‐stepping channel, delta front to delta plain
  • Stacking Tidal Channel‐lower delta plain‐delta front
  • Tidal Channel‐lower delta plain‐delta front
  • Mouthbar complex and minor fault

Who Should Attend :

Exploration Geologists, Petrophysicist, Geophysicists, Engineers, Academics which interested  in exploration geology.

About Instructor :

Erlangga Sepatama, Ph.D  is working as a specialist for upside potential in Pertamina EP Asset-5 (eastern Indonesia) based in Balikpapan. He obtained his bachelor degree (geology) from Universitas Trisakti, Indonesia; MAppSc from The University of New South Wales, Australia; and PhD from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He has become an instructor or coinstructor for various field trip in Sabah, Brunei, United States, Canada and East Kalimantan Indonesia. His passion lies mainly in marine-geology, sedimentology and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy.  

Herman Darman, M.Sc. During his career, Herman spent about 15 years on Borneo projects including Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. He led various field trips on deltaic settings. Herman completed his first degree in geoscience from the Institute of Technology, Bandung (ITB) and took his MSc degree from Aberdeen University (Scotland, UK). Before he left Shell in 2016, he was the principal exploration geoscientist for Asia Pacific Region. Currently he is leading a social enterprise in

Cancellation, Substitution & Non Attendance Policy:

Tuition fees are transferable but not refundable. Notification is required to substitute another participant, no later 5 working days prior to the program, should the nominated person be unable to attend. Late cancellation sometimes causes event to be abandoned. Non attendance participant will be full charged as all preparations will have been done.

For further information, please contact us :

Telp        :  0815 6200 197 (Hari Utomo)
Email     :

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