About FOSI

The forum was founded in 1995 as the Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum (FOSI). This organization is a communication and discussion forum for geologists, especially for those deal with sedimentology and sedimentary geology in Indonesia. The forum was accepted as the sedimentological commission of the Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI) in 1996. The organization currently has 970 members (Dec-2015), including industrial and academic fellows, as well as students.
FOSI has close international relations with the Society of Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) and the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS).
Fellowship is open to those holding a recognized degree in geology or a cognate subject and non-graduates who have at least two years relevant experience.

Advisory Board: Yahdi Zaim, R. P. Koesoemadinata, Ukat Sukanta, Wartono Rahardjo, Mohammad Syaiful, F. Hasan Sidi

General secretary: Herman Darman

Editorial Board:
– Minarwan – Mubadala – chief editor
– Herman Darman – Shell – deputy chief editor
– Fatrial Bahesti – Pertamina EP
– Rahmat Utomo – Mubadala
– Farid Ferdian – Saka Energi Indonesia
– M. Amin Ahlun Nazar – Pertamina EP
– I. Gunawan – Independent

Treasurer & Membership coordinator: Visitasi Femant, Sarah Sausan
University contacts: M. Amin Ahlun Nazar
External link: Herman Darman, Yahdi Zaim
IAGI Link: F. Bahesti, V. Femant and M. Amin AN