Berita Sedimentologi No. 25 – The Lesser Sunda Islands

Berita Sedimentologi, the Indonesian Journal of Sedimentary Geology No. 25 includes teh following articles:

  • Bali-Lombok Gap: A distinct bio-geologic border of the Wallace’s line
  • Tectoic models of the Lesser Sunda Islands
  • Seismic expression of tectonic featrues in the Lesser Sunda Island vicinity
  • New look at the origin of the Sumba Terrane
  • Short communication: No Jurassic sediments on Sumba Island?
  • Short note: Sedimentology of Bali touristic locations: Tanah Lot and Uluwatu
  • Short note: well rounded Kuta and Tanjung Aan Lombok beach sand
  • Volcano tourism of Mt. Rinjani in west Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia

Members are welcome to read the journal. Click the cover image to down load the journal in PDF format. For fast download and lower resolution file, click here



About Herman Darman

Petroleum Geoscientist, 25 years of experience in exploration, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Former Soviet Union.
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  1. rizki perdana putra says:

    Really appreciate your work 🙂
    Thanks for the commitment and energy that you have dedicated to Berita Sedimentologi. I hope this publication is continuing in the following years. Indonesia proud of their geoscientist.



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