BS#21 Borneo

Berita Sedimentologi 21Berita Sedimentologi #21, focus on Borneo, published on June 2011. Inside this issue:

  • The Relic Fluvial‐Dominated Morphology of Mahakam Delta
  • Influence of Hinterland Bedrock Lithologies on aspects of Borneo’s Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt Channel
  • Levee Facies and Sea Floor Fan Lobes in The Turbidites of Lower Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan
  • A Simplistic Approach in Estimating Paleo‐Bathymetry by Using Seismic Stratigraphic features in Fluvial‐Dominated Delta
  • Paleosols as An Alternative Method to Define Sequence Boundary in Fluvial System: A Case Study in Semberah
    Field, Kutei Basin East Kalimantan Programme Book Review: 100 Years Miri Field



About Herman Darman

Petroleum Geoscientist, 25 years of experience in exploration, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Former Soviet Union.
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  1. Chris Cook says:

    This looks good. Looking forward to going thru it tomorrow. Chris

  2. yanto r.sumantri says:

    good dan teruslah terbit

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