FOSI 2nd Regional Seminar


The goldrush of petroleum industry in the beginning of 21st century lies on the deepwater provinces throughout the world. Deep-water reservoirs in the world have been actively explored and generating large volumes of hydrocarbon in areas like the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. These intense and high technology activities created spin-offs towards SE Asia and Indonesia with several recent discoveries in offshore Kalimantan during the last a couple of years.

However, the understanding of its depositional systems in relation to various types of reservoirs and various tectonic setting have not been fully understood within the entire region. Responding to that need, FOSI (Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum) attempts to bring together geoscientists and researchers who are keen to share and exchange their expertise and experience in order to build up better understanding the potential of SE Asia’s passive margins and finding ways to economically develop this interesting systems.

FOSI, an Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum proactively participate on the deep-water fanfare by launched its distinct 2nd regional seminar on Deep-water Sedimentation of Southeast Asia.

FOSI successfully attracts world-class deep-water experts to converse the intricacies of deep-water opportunity. To name a few, the seminar will be articulated by Brad Pather (Shell), Art Donovan and Greg Partyka (bp), F.X. Sujanto (Pertamina) and Peter King (New Zealand).

About 35 deep-water papers with outstanding quality submitted to FOSI Deep-water seminar, coming from almost every corner of the world. Time limited to two-days seminar, the committee have to fight to select 24 papers to be presented in this extraordinary occasion.

The FOSI 2nd seminar also embraces a deep-water field-trip to the onshore East Kalimantan, led by Andang Bachtiar. The legend of deep-water – Arnold Bouma – will lead four-day FOSI course on deepwater system.

The seminar was successfully held on the 14th-16th of May 2001 in Hotel Mulia, Senayan Jakarta. Press-coverage of this seminar can be found in here.



About Herman Darman

Petroleum Geoscientist, 25 years of experience in exploration, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Former Soviet Union.
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