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A new start for FOSI, the Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum, in 2011 will include the utilisation of online social-professional medium such as LinkedIn to help maintain membership database. We have created a group called FOSI in the LinkedIn website, in which we will use to keep the member list and to contact them in the future. LinkedIn also have dicussion facility, which will be useful for FOSI members to communicate to each other.

There are 114 members to date and they are located in different countries across the world. FOSI’s members also have various background but mostly are geologist or geophysicist and some are highly experienced specialists. There are students in the group, too!

We encourage anyone whose interest in sedimentology, sedimentary geology or basin analysis to join FOSI through LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, get one for yourself, it’s FREE of charge. Joining FOSI is also FREE….

So, come onboard! Visit



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