The FOSI Evening Talk is a semiformal-regular presentation program in English language which is held bi-monthly. This presentation includes all kinds of topics in geoscience such as 3D seismic interpretation, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, basin evolution, seismology and tectonics. The meeting allow audiences to raise questions and discuss the presented topic but only in minimum limit of time.


To minimize the gap between industry and university, FOSI initiated a new program called Tour-Lecturing Program that will arrange guest lectures to provide the university students, especially undergraduates, with the latest development of geological techniques and knowledge. The program hopefully will strengthen the collaboration between university and industry and create a mutual relationship between those institutions. The university will gain additional information, knowledge and technology directly from practical professional geologists from industry. While the industry will gain a prospective human resources in the future with better knowledge of the latest development in geoscience.

The Tour-Lecturing Program also serves to develop the national geological students to enhance their competitiveness for the coming globalization era, with technically sound knowledge and professional competency. On the other hand, the practical geologists can sharpen their skill and knowledge through challenges from ‘virgin’ mindset and academic feedback. With fast development of technology, the education of geological students with the latest development is a must. Lack of industrial support to university will create longer training program with excessive costs for new-hire geologists to be fruitful in the company. In other words, the tour-lecturing program will shorten the industrial learning process and ensure that FOSI can expand the geological students’ industrial knowledge base.


Open Discussion Forum is a technical program arranged by FOSI to discuss technical subjects on sedimentary geology. The meetings were set as informal events and scheduled base on suggestions and/or members requirements. Each participant is expected to bring some related materials to be shared. They can bring a copy of a published paper, give presentation, show raw data such as seismic and well data, etc.


FOSI has recently initiated a research program on turbidite of Java Island. The program will be a collaboration of Indonesian universities and the industry. This research project is based on student surface mapping data and subsurface data acquired by the industry.


FOSI exhibits its activities in every scientific meetings held in Indonesia. The material presented in the exhibitions usually are comprised of photographs of FOSI’s activities such as Evening talk, Tour Lecturing program and Seminar.


FOSI has a regular Regional Seminar which is dedicated to develop geoscience in Indonesia and its surrounding area. The topics of seminar are mostly related to sedimentology, stratigraphy and tectonics.

First FOSI Regional Seminar has been held on March 15-17, 1999 at Sasana Ganesha Budaya ITB, Bandung. The topic of this regional seminar is “Tectonics and Sedimentation of Indonesia”. This 1st FOSI regional seminar is a memorial seminar of the 50th anniversary of van Bemmelen’s book : The Geology of Indonesia (1949).

Second FOSI Regional Seminar was held on the 14th-16th of May 2001 at Hotel Mulia, Senayan Jakarta. The topic of this regional seminar is “Deep-Water Sedimentation of Southeast Asia”. Further information on both of these regional seminars can be found in Regional Seminar section.


FOSI arranges field trips for either academic or industrial purposes. Some of FOSI’s members have had a lot of experiences as the trip leaders. FOSI can arrange trips to visit interesting geological outcrops in West Java, Central Java and East Java.