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      The biggest oil and gas industry convention and exhibition in Indonesia was held again this year. Titled “The 43rd IPA Convention and Exhibition” and themed “Driving Exploration and Optimizing Existing Production for Long Term Energy Security”, the event was held on September 4th – 6th 2019, at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). The 43rd IPA Convex presented a number of plenaries and technical sessions featuring prominent government officials, industry captains, key stakeholders, and credible analysts. and followed by convention participants and exhibitors from academia, companies and associations.

      The 43rd IPA Convex event began with the Opening Ceremony, which was opened by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan. The Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) became the 2019 IPA exhibitor at AS35 booth. Preparation of booth decoration is done by H-1 and getting booth facilities from IPA as a representative of Petroleum Geologists in Indonesia.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft1

      Picture 1. Booth IAGI AS35

      Presentations at the booth were also held to share knowledge from IAGI for visitors. The topics presented were very interesting, including “Biostratigraphy Indonesia: New Hope” by Wildanto Nusantara, “Fracture Basement Reservoir; An Overview” by Budi Permana, “Introducing Fullstream in Petroleum Industry: Deliver Outcomes-Based Solutions” by Cahyo Nugroho, “Seismic Vintage Data Revitalization in Indonesia” by Arif Gunawan, “Work Smarter Not Harder” by Mellinda Arisandy, “Revisit Ancient Subduction Zone in Natural and Cultural Beauties” by Awang Satyana, “Machine Learning” by Epo P. Kusumah, and “The Petrophysicist in Me” by Wini Rizkiningayu.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft2

      Picture 2. IAGI Booth Presentation Schedule

      The first presentation at IAGI’s booth collaborated with FOSI (Indonesian Sedimentologist Forum). Ricky Tampu as the representative of FOSI explained programs offered by FOSI for this year’s period. The presentation continued with Wildanto Nusantara from Odira Energy Karang Agung as the speaker. Mr Wildanto brought a very interesting topic titled Indonesian Biostratigraphy: “A New Hope”. Before the presentation began, Mr. Wildanto explained briefly about the biostratigraphy itself to later on his presentation would talked about how biostratigraphy could be the new hope for Indonesia’s energy exploration and its development in Indonesia. Mr. Wildanto also explained the threat for micropaleontology (one of branches in biostratigraphy) development in Indonesia even in the world. He showed the data which represent the decrease in numbers of biostratigraphers in years. In Indonesia itself, geology major grows rapidly and government started to support the accessible geology data for wider community in Indonesia. Those matters could be new hopes for the lack of experts in the industry. To conclude his presentation, he stated that the rate of new biostratigrapher growth are not as fast as the retirement rate, some branches of micropaleontology will extinct in Indonesia if there is no support from the industry. Geology major grow rapidly in Indonesia and hopefully new biostratigrapher will born. New open data policy are expected could bring more enthusiasm in joint study and new area of exploration. He closed the presentation with big ovation and had discussions with some audience about his presentation.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft3

      IPA Convex 2019 ft4

      Picture 3. Presentation from FOSI and “Indonesian Biostratigraphy:

      A New Hope” by Wildanto Nusantara

      The second day of The 43rd IPA Convention and Exhibition, IAGI’s booth held four presentations from experts in various fields. The first presenter was Budi R. Permana from Conocophillips Indonesia with presentation titled Fracture Basement Reservoir: An Overview. To begin his presentation, Mr. Budi explained Fracture Basement Reservoir by its definition. He continued by showing the audience the comparison of geological model of fracture basement field discovery development in years. He also showed the example for fracture identification in scales around the world continued with the explanation of methodologies in fracture basement geomodelling. Furthermore, he gave some case studies in fracture basement geomodelling which helped the audience to understand more. At the end of  Mr. Budi’s presentation, he concluded several things, including fracture basement reservoir is a proven play in the world, fracture has different scale and different data to capture it, and several static modelling methods are believed can model the fracture model but in the end production history will govern the model itself.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft5 IPA Convex 2019 ft6

      Picture 4. Presentation “Fracture Basement Reservoir: An Overview”

      by Budi R. Permana

      The second presenter was Cahyo Nugroho from Baker Hughes and SPWLA Indonesian Chapter representative brought a presentation titled Introducing Fullstream in Petroleum Industry: Deliver Outcomes-Based Solutions. The presentation was opened by surprising facts from UK Oil and Gas Authority, which states fewer than 25% of oil and gas projects were delivered on time and on average 10 months delay so that causes projects delivered were on average around 35% over budget. He then continued by explaining the definition of fullstream and the parts of it. Mr. Cahyo explained the way fullstream could be a better option for the industry. As his presentation title, deliver outcomes-based solutions, he showed results in field for fullstream implementation around the world. From all the examples, it can be concluded that Fullstream Implementation could reduce cost, lessen incidents, diminish lost time, multiply productions, and many more that could optimize the production.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft7

      IPA Convex 2019 ft8

      Picture 5. Presentation “Introducing Fullstream in Petroleum Industry:

      Deliver Outcomes-Based Solutions” by Cahyo Nugroho.

      The third presenter was Arif Gunawan from TGS and HAGI representative with presentation titled Revitalization Seismic Vintage Data in Indonesia. Before began his presentation, Mr. Arif did intermezzo and showed the graphic about exploration spending and Reserve Replacement Ratio, as we knows that US has surpassed Russia as the largest oil producer in the world. He said Demand for oil puts pressure on easing regulations in countries with proven petroleum systems at Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and how at Indonesia? He explained Indonesia vintage data by its definition, and explained that Total Indonesia Vintage 2D data was began in the 1960. By showing the audience the Indonesia Vintage 2D Seismic good gain line until bad gain line. He also showed the example for state of the Art Survey 2D-3D Interpolation Techniques with the explanation of why 2D Cubed. Furthermore, he gave some case studies in Project of 2DcubedTM with Total 55 2D seismic lines (1388 km), and its Seismic Vintage which helped the audience to understand more. At the end of Mr. Arif’s presentation, he concluded several things, including showed the area Regional 2D Cubed (3D View) di Indonesia.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft9 IPA Convex 2019 ft10

      Picture 6. Presentation “Seismic Vintage Data Revitalization in Indonesia”

      by Arif Gunawan

      Beside presentations related to petroleum industry, IAGI’s booth also provided presentations to develop audience’s soft skills. The last presentation on the 2nd day was presented by Mellinda Arisandy from Petronas and SPWLA Indonesia Chapter representative. Mrs. Melinda presented an interesting topic titled “Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management Tips that will Change your Life”. Mrs. Melinda started the presentation by giving a strong statement about time management. She stated that time management is one of the most rewarding skills that will take us far in our life, both personal and professional. Mrs. Melinda explained briefly time management by its definition and the importance of it. She also shared with the audience some tips to improve time management skills. At the end of the presentation, she explained some time management techniques researched by experts. The techniques were challenging but proven to have positive impact in life. One of them was 18 minutes rules, which instructs to use cell phone only 18 minutes per day (five minutes in the morning, one minute per hour, and five minutes in the evening). That giggled the audience since they felt challenged but hesitate to be able to do that. The presentation closed with big ovation from the audience.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft11 IPA Convex 2019 ft12

      Picture 7. Presentation “Work Smarter Not Harder” by Mellinda Arisandy

      Day 3 was the last day for IPA Convex 2019. There were so many exciting activities in IAGI’s booth. The first presenter was Mr. Awang H. Satyana from SKK Migas and Geoadventurer representative with presentation titled Revisit Ancient Subduction Zone in Natural and Cultural Beauties. To begin his presentation, Mr. Awang explained New Tectonic Reconstruction of Ciletuh. He showed different Cretaceous Tectonic Reconstruction of SE Sundaland Convergence. Ciletuh Complex is considered to be one among other localities (Luk Ulo, Bayat/Jiwo, Bantimala, Meratus Complexes) in Indonesia which Cretaceous subduction fossil was occurred. He continued by showing the audience the video of Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark Includes directions to the audience about Revisit Ancient Subduction Zone in Natural and Cultural Beauties. Furthermore, he gave some example place geopark is a unified (geodiversity, biodiversity, cultural diversity) area that advances the protection and use of geological heritage in a sustainable way and promotes the economic wellbeing of the people who live there. Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu area is a Global geopark acknowledged by UNESCO in April 2018. He explains Global geopark is a unified area with a geological heritage of international significance. Spectacular geomorphological landscape of the region represents the “GIANT AMPHITHEATER”, the biggest amphitheater in Indonesia (mega-amphitheater).

      IPA Convex 2019 ft13 IPA Convex 2019 ft14

      Picture 8. Presentation “Revisit Ancient Subduction Zone in Natural and Cultural Beauties” by Awang Satyana

      The second presenter was Epo P. Kusumah from Universitas Pertamina and ISPG representative, brought a presentation titled Machine Learning General Overview. Mr. Epo explained Machine Learning by its definition. He explained the different about machine learning and artificial intelligence. He said that there is perception made by rules made by data condition and a better result need more data. He also said that machine learning is different with artificial intelligence which needs to update the code in order to obtain better results. Mr. Epo explained about Machine Learning Implementation in Geology Case: Remote Sensing, with goal is Lithological prediction, then he continued by sharing about Machine Learning Implementation in Geology Case: Facies Identification with goal Facies prediction, and assumption used facies really represented by “log pattern”.  At the end of the presentation, he also explained the weakness of machine learning. The data of machine learning must be in digital format and possess tabular form, and every data must have exactly same dimension.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft15 IPA Convex 2019 ft16

      Picture 9. Presentation “Machine Learning” by Epo P. Kusumah

      On the last presentation on Day 3, IAGI’s booth had another sharing session from Mrs. Wini Rizkiningayu about herself and her journey as Petrophysicist. Her journey as a petrophysicist in her life began in Schlumberger (2007-2010) as a Measuring & Logging While Drilling (MLWD) field engineer, then at Total EP Indonesie (2010-2013) as well log analyst & petrophysicist, and at Paradigm (2013-2017) as business development manager – formation evaluation for Asia Pacific. Mrs. Wini had unique experiences on her journey to become a petrophysicist due to her background in Electronics which is not related to oil industry. Mrs. Wini’s principle of “Just Do It “made her a great petrophysicist and had made petrophysics is a part of herself. Petrophysics was not just a job for her, it taught Mrs. Wini lessons in life, such as; correlate-connect-sense patterns, interpretation matters, and decision making.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft17 IPA Convex 2019 ft18

      Picture 10. Presentation “The Petrophysicist in Me” by Wini Rizkiningayu.

      Besides technical presentations from experts, IAGI’s booth also held some games for visitors, which are online quizzes and dart games. The online quizzes used platform where participants had to answer questions lively about IAGI and ISPG. In this game session the committee has provided questions about IAGI and ISPG so participants could have insight on those organizations. Participant with the fastest and correct answer would get highest score for each question. Participants with highest score accumulation would be the winners. The participants came from various backgrounds, not only visitors, but also media and other exhibitors. The participants were competitive since they fought over wireless speaker, earphone, and other exclusive merchandise from IAGI. The games were entertaining and spread joy around IAGI’s booth. The last technical presentation session in IAGI booth at The 43rd IPA Convex, ended with announcement of doorprizes winners. Lucky visitors who put their ID Card on a bowl provided by IAGI’s booth, would get merchandise from IAGI. There were three doorprizes winners, two winners from Lampung University and the other one was a visitor.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft19 IPA Convex 2019 ft20

      Picture 11. Dart games at IAGI’s Booth

      IPA Convex 2019 ft21 IPA Convex 2019 ft22

      Picture 12. Online quizzes at IAGI’s Booth

      IPA Convex 2019 ft23 IPA Convex 2019 ft24

      Picture 13. Games and Door prize winners

      IAGI Booth has been visited by more than 50 visitors per day with 102 listed visitors on the guest book. Visitors also could buy books published by IAGI at The 43rd IPA Convex on IAGI booth. Available books were Outline the Geology Indonesia, Petroleum Geology, and Rinjani. IAGI booth has sold two per each book for three days. Besides that, visitors could also register as new members of IAGI or renew the membership at the booth. IAGI booth this year also aimed to promote upcoming event of ISPG, ISPG Research Forum (ISPG RF). ISPG Research Forum is the annual scientific petroleum geology forum preceded by series of exciting courses and events. ISPG RF 2019 will be held in Yogyakarta on November 29th – 30th.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft25 IPA Convex 2019 ft26

      Picture 14. Visit from Experts who bought IAGI’s published books.

      IPA Convex 2019 ft27

      Picture 15. ISPG RF which will be held on November, 29th-30th 2019 at Yogyakarta

      IPA Convex 2019 ft29

      Picture 16. Julianta Panjaitan as the president of ISPG

      (Indonesian Society of Petroleum Geologists)

      IPA Convex 2019 ft30

      Picture 17. The IAGI’s Booth team with a geo adventurer team at The 43rd IPA Convex

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