Operations Geology: Applied Concept on Oil Exploration

Poster Workshop Operation Geology- Post Convention JCM 20172

Date & Place: April 23rd – 25th, 2018 | Banyuwangi, East Java
Instructor : Ir. Made D. Sulitra (Independent Consultant)

Investment Fee : IDR 10.500.000.- /participant*

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” The course fee includes meals (2x coffee break and lunch), training kits, training materials, group photograph, certificate. Excludes Value Add Tax and Hotel Accomodation. In order to allow sufficient time for arranging travel and processing document, participants are recommended to make”

About The Workshop :

 In a typical Exploration Campaign, Exploration Geologists identify and assess the location, quantity and quality of HC reserves; ascertain extraction risks analysis; prepare reports and maps; analyze geological data using multi skills applications;  and advise  technical  and engineering team up to  upper  managerial  level,  based on  technical recommendation.  In addition to these responsibilities,  Operations  Geologists also requires the ability to communicate adequately  as an integral part of the team, along with  Drilling Engineer and Operations to drill exploration well in a safer, efficient, and successful manner, aligned with its exploration goal.

At the end of the integrated course participants will be able to:
•  Understand the fundamentals of Applicable Geology
•  Contribute to the preparation of exploration wells and their respective operations
•  Gain a deeper insight of pore pressure prediction to be used for the well planning,  drilling hazards and risks derived from offset geological data, along with application and benefit of well-site data in exploration wells.
•  Illustrate the relationship between drilling fluids hole/drilling decisions and logging data acquisition effectiveness
•  Learn the techniques used by well site geologists information evaluation program
•  Comprehend Drilling operations as it relates to Operations Geology

You Will Learn :

  • Introduction on geology and drilling
  • Geology prospect generation: size, type, depth structure
  • Best practices based on offset wells
  • Understanding objective and target reservoir
  • Integrated pore pressure prediction
  • Potential drilling risks and shallow hazards prediction
  • Drilling fluid effect to wireline data acquisition
  • Casing design verification and hole size relationship with operations geology
  • Mudlogging evaluation
  • Coring program (conventional and sidewall core)
  • Electric wireline (open and cased hole)
  • Well testing requirement (DST and wireline well testing)
  • Wellsite duty

Who Should Attend :

All personnel who  are  involved in Drilling Operations (including Operations Geologists, Drilling Supervisors, and Drilling Engineers); geophysicists, geoscientists, petroleum engineers, well engineers and production technologists.

About Instructor :

Made D. Sulitra graduated from Geology Department Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta early 1981 and joined Mud-Logging Exlog (Exploration Logging Company), a Singapore – based Company specializing in South East Asia drilling operations, as a Pressure Engineer. During this time, developed best drilling practices for Baong-shale (Arun Gas Field) and Semberah – shale (Badak Gas Field) over-pressure.
Since 1984, experiences in the oilfield cover a broad range, which includes three Major Oil Companies (Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc., Exxon Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc., Petro China International Jabung Ltd.) and Medium to Marginal sizes of Oil Companies (Niko Resources, Orchard Energy, Samudra Energy, Anchora Energy). I had worked from venture to mature field development, with responsibilities that elevates up to general manager positions. Technically, main expertise is in Operations Geologist, Production Geology and Mature Field Geology under clastic and non-clastic reservoir exercises.
Overseas assignments include Mobil Dallas Technology Center (1996-99) under EPC Ras-Laffan Giant Gas Field in Qatar as an Operations Geologist, Exxon Mobil Exploration Company (2001-2006) Houston Texas for Gulf of Mexico, and African Deep water wells plus Onshore US Production as latest position as a Team Lead Operations Geologist. My current job is Ops Geologist Advisor and I am also founder of P.T. GEOTAMA Geologist Consultants, Company consisting experienced Indonesian wellsite geologists.

Cancellation, Substitution & Non Attendance Policy:

Tuition fees are transferable but not refundable. Notification is required to substitute another participant, no later 5 working days prior to the program, should the nominated person be unable to attend. Late cancellation sometimes causes event to be abandoned. Non attendance participant will be full charged as all preparations will have been done.

For further information, please contact us :

Telp        :  0815 6200 197 (Hari Utomo)
Email     :  birokursus.iagi2@gmail.com

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