Overpressure in Kutai Basins Workshop : Mechanism, Prediction, and Estimation, Application to Geohazard and Petroleum Systems Analysis

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“Overpressure in Kutai Basins Workshop : Mechanism, Prediction, and Estimation, Application  to Geohazard and Petroleum Systems Analysis”
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About the course:
Overpressure analysis may be a routine job for everyone working in the oil industry. The analysis in the industry may mainly be dedicated to ensure that the geological objective can be achieved safely by drilling. Overpressure is a geological phenomenon, and like other geological phenomena, if we ignore geology in analysing overpressure, the result will most likely be wrong.
Therefore, this course will discuss the very basic of the geology of overpressure, so that the overpressure analysis could be performed as accurately as possible. The understanding of overpressure concept could also aid exploration program such as the exploration of ‘unconventional’ hydrodynamic trap and analysing sealing capacity of a trap. The course will also deal with this subject.
The course will comprise the introduction to subsurface pressure, data source to analyse subsurface pressure, overpressure generating mechanisms, overpressure prediction and estimation, practical application of overpressure, and introduction to the application of overpressure to petroleum play analysis. Overpressure cases in Kutai basins will also be discussed at the end of the course.
The course will be in an interactive format, i.e. the participants will actively be involved by doing lots of exercises.
Date & Place : October 9 th – 10 th, 2015 | Balikpapan, East Kalimantan
Instructor : Ir. Agus M. Ramdhan Ph.D (ITB)
Investment Fee : IDR 10.000.000,- / participant
For further information, please contact us :
Telp : 022-2517886 (Bandung Office) / 08156200197 (Hari Utomo)
Email : birokursus.iagi2@gmail.com



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