Proceedings Regional Conference on the Geology and Mineral Resources of Southeast Asia (Jakarta, 4-7 August 1975)

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1. Geological actualities in relation to aspects of the Tectonics of Australia

Oleh: E. Sherbon Hills

Abstraksi : ...

2. Cenozoic Tectonics of East Asia

Oleh: Maurice J. Terman

Abstraksi : ...

3. Comparative Tectonics of Western Indonesia and Eastern Australia

Oleh: Evan C. Leitch

Abstraksi : Reconstruction of the Upper Paleozoic setting of eastern Australia shows a distribution of geotectonic elements strikingly similar to that found today in the region around Sumatra. In Early Permian times the following elements existed from west to east in eastern Australia: a stabilised foreland ...

4. Progress Report on Paleomagnetic Research in Southeast Asia

Oleh: N.S. Haile

Abstraksi : First results of paleomagnetic research in Southeast Asia have provided evidence that the Malay Peninsula has moved south about 15o and rotated 31o clockwise since the late Palaeozoic. These data do not support hypotheses that the Malay Peninsula was part of Gondwanaland and alongside India or ...

5. A Review of Minerals Exploration in Indonesia

Oleh: F. Hehuwat

Abstraksi : ...

6. An Outline of the Tertiary Paleontology and Stratigraphy of the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea

Oleh: Alan R. Lloyd

Abstraksi : An outline of the Tertiary Paleontology and Stratigraphy of the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea, is set out in this paper, based on eight off-shore and two adjacent on-shore wells. Sequences of Late Eocene limestone, posible Middle Eocene shale, Late Oligocene marl, Early Miocene marl ...

7. Coal Formation in Indonesia

Oleh: C.S. Bainton

Abstraksi : ...

8. A Review of the Hydrocarbon Potentials in the Sedimentary Basins of Indonesia

Oleh: A. Pulunggono;R.P. Koesoemadinata

Abstraksi : ...

9. Some Notes on the Geologic Map of Timor

Oleh: H.M.S. Hartono;S.Tjokrosaputro;K. Suwitodirdjo;H.M.D. Rosidi

Abstraksi : Recent geological mapping activities by the Geological Survey, combined with results of geological studies by International Oil Limited, Imperial College — London, Burmah Woodside Oil and geophysical data, provide new interpretations of the geology of Timor. The resulting geologic map will show ...

10. Geological Evolution and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Contrasting Continental Margin Types, Southwest Australia

Oleh: D.E. Powell;S.J. Mills

Abstraksi : ...

11. Vitrinite Reflectance as an Indicator of Thermal Alteration within Paleozoic and Mesozoic Sediments from the Phillips Petroleum Company ASM-IX Well, Arafura Sea

Oleh: Logan Urban;Mike Allen

Abstraksi : ...

12. Cainozoic Sedimentation in Buton Island

Oleh: S. Wiryosujono;Jusril A. Hainim

Abstraksi : The exposed section of the Cainozoic sediments in Buton Island starts from basal conglomerate to alternating shale and siltstone layers of the Middle to Late Miocene Tondo Formation. The upper part of the Tondo Formation gradually pass into the overlying time—transgressive marls of the Pliocene ...

13. The Structure of Sulawesi in the Light of Plate Tectonics

Oleh: Rab Sukamto

Abstraksi : Sulawesi including its adjacent islands is divided into three geologic provinces which, in terms of orogenies, are progressively older in the east and younger to the west. Banggai Islands and Sula Islands comprise one province, Eastern Sulawesi makes up another province, and Western Sulawesi ...

14. Geology Along the Matano Fault Zone, East Sulawesi, Indonesia

Oleh: Waheed Ahmad

Abstraksi : The purpose of this paper is to present the detailed geology along a 45 km wide area centered on the Matano fault. Most of the geology and tectonic pattern has been interpreted from aerial photographs. The aim is to show, on a large scale, the complex geology of a subduction mélange which has been ...

15. Some of the Factors which Influence Oil: Occurence in the South and Central Sumatra Basins

Oleh: A.E. Harsa

Abstraksi : Approximately 70% of all Indonesian oil production has come from the South and Central Sumatra Basins, with the Late Oligocene-Early Miocene sedimentary section accounting for 97% of this total. Over 4 billion barrels of oil have been produced from these two basins with the Central Sumatra Basin ...

16. The Rates and Processes of Recent Coastal Accretion in the Province of South Sumatra: A Preliminary Survey

Oleh: M.J.G. Chambers;A.S. Abdul Sobur

Abstraksi : This study forms part of 2 broad environmental studies program currently examining the coastal zone of the Musi/Banyuasin region of South Sumatra. Ancient charts and exploration reports from this area indicate that the City of Palembang had open access to the sea only 7OO years ago whereas it now ...

17. X-Ray Microanalyses of the Ignimbrites of Lake Toba (Sumatra)

Oleh: K. Kusnaeny

Abstraksi : Low density and whitish grey ignimbrites of Lake Toba has been classified as rhyolite. Modal and normative mineral—values disagree widely due to their glass— matrix, which form more than half of their bulk composition, Chemically the groundmass is equivalent to a mixture of ...

18. Contribution of Geophysics in Geothermal Exploration of Banten

Oleh: Ismet Akil;Idrus Alhamid;Junus Razali;L. Pekar

Abstraksi : The Banten area, situated in the western part of Java, constitutes one of numerous geothermal prospects of Indonesia. Several hot springs are known in this volcanic region, but neither sulfatara nor fumaroles are present, Together with surface geology and geochemistry a geophysical survey was ...

19. Geological Structure of the Indochina Peninsula

Oleh: D.R. Workman

Abstraksi : This paper describes the structural evolution of an area consisting of Cambodia, Laos, South Viet—Nam and the eastern part of Thailand. All this area together comprises the land part of a tectonic unit which may be called the Indochina platform. The ‘Indochina platform’ is a block of ...

20. Some Geological Problems of Singapore as Applied to Civil Engineering

Oleh: Salem D. Ramaswamy

Abstraksi : In this article the geology of Singapore island is briefly described and the geological consideration as related to the problems of aggregate materials, foundations, excavations and ground water occurrence are explained with reference to the author's experience in those areas. The need for ...

21. Radiocarbon Dates of Holocene Shorelines in Peninsular Malaysia

Oleh: H.D. Tjia;Shoji Fujii;Kunihiko Kigoshi

Abstraksi : Fifteen newly determined radiocarbon dates indicate the presence of former shorelines up to 3 meters above present high tide level in the tectonically stable peninsula of Malaysia. The sea level indicators consist of oysters in growth position (9 samples), molluscs in beach deposits (2), corals in ...

22. Opening Speech (John A. Katili)


Abstraksi : ...

23. Opening Speech (T. Podolsky)

Oleh: T. Podolsky

Abstraksi : ...

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