Berita Sedimentologi No. 29 – Biostratigraphy of Southeast Asia – Part 1

Berita Sedimentologi No. 29 contain the 1 st part of Biostratigraphy of Southeast Asia series.  Click the cover picture below to download the full volume. The papers included in this volume are as follow:BS_29_cover

  • Introduction to Cenozoic biostratigraphy of Indonesia- SE Asia – J.T. van Gorsel et al.
  • A review of the foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Melinau Limestone, Sarawak – P. Lunt
  • Making sense of mud: the use of benthic foraminifera in mudstone sedimentology, Sabah, North Borneo – J. Noad and R. Preece
  • The distribution of benthic foraminifera in Indonesian shallow waters – S.M. Natsir
  • Recent agglutinated foraminiferal trends and assemblages of the Sedili Besar River and its adjacent offshore area, Southeastern Peninsular Malaysia – M. Mohamed et al.
  • Palynofacies analysis of the Eocene Bayah Formation in Bayah High, Banten Block, SW Java – B.Y. Chandra et a
  • Late Eocene- Pleistocene planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Kuripan-1 well, North Central Java,
    Indonesia – D. Kadar et al.
  • A Late Oligocene drowned pinnacle reef in deepwater Makassar Straits – J.T. van Gorsel and C.E. Helsing
  • Stacked digital imaging of foraminifera – P.

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Petroleum Geoscientist, 25 years of experience in exploration, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Former Soviet Union.
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