Berita Sedimentologi No. 40

Berita Sedimentologi No. 40 is now available online and can be downloaded by clicking here:

Berita Sedimentologi No. 40

The contents of this edition are:

      Hydrocarbon Retention In Clastic Reservoirs Of NW Borneo – Examples Of Hydrocarbon Trap, Reservoir, Seal And Implications On Hydrocarbon Column Length – F. Kessler & J. Jong. (pp. 6-44)

Middle Miocene Depositional Environment Shift In The Tarakan Basin: Some Perspectives From The Onshore Simenggaris Area – Isnianto et al. (pp. 45-54)

Geological Features Observations in Eastern Indonesia based on selected P3GL Seismic Data – H. Darman et al. (pp. 55-64)

The next edition of Berita Sedimentologi is going to be published in June 2018. Manuscript contributions are welcome. Please contact one of the editors for further information if necessary.



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