Berita Sedimentologi No. 43

Berita Sedimentologi No. 43

FOSI has published Berita Sedimentologi No. 43 and it is now available online. Readers can download this issue by clicking the cover image above or click here.

Berita Sedimentologi No. 43 contains the following papers:
– Destructive diagenesis observed in outcrop examples of Neogene sandstone reservoir and clay contact zones in Miri, Northern Sarawak, written by Franz L. Kessler and John Jong
– The stratigraphic distribution of Neogene dinoflagellate cysts from a deep water well, offshore Sabah, Northern Borneo, written by Huibert van den Brink

One of the objectives of our publication is to spread SE Asian geological knowledge of our contributors to the readers in the region and beyond. So, we hope that both papers will be useful to our readers, especially for researchers who work on northern Borneo.

We also invite you to contribute through publishing your research in Berita Sedimentologi. Please contact one of our editors if you’re interested to submit your manuscripts to Berita Sedimentologi.

Enjoy your reading!



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