Formation Evaluation in Fractured Basement Reservoir

Date & Place : July 16th – 20th, 2018 | Malang
Instructor : Dr. Budi Kantaatmadja (Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia)

Investment Fee : IDR 19.750.000,- / participant

” The course fee includes meals (2x coffee break and lunch), training kits, training materials, certificate. In order to allow sufficient time for arranging travel and processing document, participants are recommended to make an early enrollment. “
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About The Workshop :

This five-day workshop  introduces the principle of formation evaluation in  fractured reservoir  especially in petrophisic. The workshop will emphasizes of petrophysical evaluation and fractured reservoir, petrophysical parameters interpretation fractured basement  reservoir.

You Will Learn:

• Overview of fractured reservoirs
• Rock Property System in Fractured Reservoirs
• Objectives of formation evaluation in fractured reservoirs
• Detection of Fractures
• General term of fractures
• Geomechanic Analysis on Fractured Reservoir Importance of fractures
• Critically Stressed Fractures (CSF) Analysis
• What is a basement rock?
• Geomechanics Role in Fractured Reservoir – Key Issues.

• What is a Geomechanical Model?
• Reserve Assessment of Fractured Reservoir:
– CSF Model – Data Requirements
– Formation Evaluation for Fractured Reservoir
– Key Points of Fracture Analysis
• Reserve Assessment of Fractured Reservoir:
What methods are we used now (Porosity)?

DAY 3 & 4
• Deriving Petrophysical Parameters from Image Logs
• Effects of Fractures on Reservoir Assessment Lithology Identification
• Conclusions – Fracture Interpretation Exercises
• Proposed Petrophysical Fractured Reservoir Evaluation Workflow
• Fracture identification from core, logs and well test

Day 5
Case Study and Exercise .
Its very important to discuss the knowledge about formation evaluation and applicate in the real oil field development.

Who Should Attend :

Geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, operation geologists, and other personnel who work in oil and gas industry and interesting in oil and gas exploration in frontier areas of Indonesia.

 About Instructor :

DR. Budi P. Kantaatmadja holds his PhD from Texas A&M University, USA. He has experiences in the field of Geology started after he received his Geology Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology. He has also served as graduate teaching assistant and research assistant at Texas A&M University (1988-1990). In 1991, he started his professional career and did various project in many countries i.e. Indonesia, Gulf Mexico, Canada, Middle East, South America and West Africa.

In his professional career, he has more than 25 years experience as a petrophysicist in oil and gas industry, including proficient expertise in geology and reservoir engineering knowledge, with Mobil Oil Indonesia, Exxon Mobil USA, and Oil and Gas Company in Malaysia in both conventional (clastic and carbonate) and unconventional (fractured, shale gas, shale oil) resources/reservoirs. Because of his expertise in formation evaluation /analysis using well-data, currently he is a vice president of Formation Evaluation Society of Malaysia (FESM).

Cancellation, Substitution & Non-Attendance Policy:

Tuition fees are transferable but not refundable. Notification is required to substitute another participant, no later 5 working days prior to the program, should the nominated person be unable to attend. Late cancellation sometimes causes event to be abandoned. Non-attendance participant will be full charged as all preparations will have been done.

For further information, please contact us :

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