Berita Sedimentologi No. 28 – Borneo

 Berita Sedimentologi No. 28 on Borneo can be downloaded. Click the cover below. 


Articles included in this edition of Berita Sedimentologi are as follow:

  • Late Triassic metatonalite from the Schwaner Mountains in West Kalimantan and its contribution to sedimentary provenance in the Sundaland – N. Setiawan et al
  • Geohistory analysis of South Makassar  – P. Lunt & J.T. van Gorsel
  • Palaeocurrents and provenance: Uplift history of the Meratus Complex, SE Kalimantan – D. Witts
  • The power of palaeocurrents: reconstructing the palaeogeography and sediment flux patterns of the Miocene Sandakan Formation in eastern Sabah  – J. Noad
  • Mass Transport Complex (MTC) control on the basin floor stratigraphic succession and sand deposition: An observation from deepwater Brunei  – H. Maulana & H. S. Hakimi
  • The ethological study of Glossifungites ichnofacies in the modern & Miocene Mahakam Delta, Indonesia  – E. Arifullah




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2 Responses to Berita Sedimentologi No. 28 – Borneo

  1. yanto r sumantri says:

    Good progress Herman , tapi penulisnya kok geologisy non “pribumi” heheheh , kemana kawan kawan indonesian geologitnya ?

  2. Hans Dols says:

    Thanks for a very useful issue on Borneo. Have read it with a lots of interest.

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