BS#22 Sulawesi

Berita Sedimentologi #22 is issued in October 2011. The theme of this edition is Sulawesi. The contents of this edition include:

  • Seismic Expression of North Sulawesi Subduction Zone
  • A Short Note on Sedimentary Rocks of the Barru Area, South Sulawesi
  • Structural Styles of the West Sulawesi Deep-Water Fold and Thrust Belt, Makassar Straits, Indonesia
  • Tectono-stratigraphic Evolution of Western Gorontalo Bay, Indonesia
  • Sulawesi Sedimentology Literature: A BRIEF REVIEW
  • Department of Geology HASANUDDIN UNIVERSITY (UNHAS), Makassar City, Indonesia
  • An Overview of the Paleomorphology and Paleogeography of Tortonian–Messinian Carbonates in the Almería-Níjar Basin, Southern Spain



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3 Responses to BS#22 Sulawesi

  1. Zaenal Fanani says:

    wow, a great magazine … from 1st to 3rd edition has increased the discussion. terrific..

  2. Sri Adrianto says:

    Many thanks for sharing this update on the Sulawesi geology. With your permission, I would like to share the link with the G&G peoples of Repsol Indonesia in Jakarta in case they have not catch it from other source (though it is most likely done as Minarwan, the co-editor, knows all of them very well).
    Regards, Sri Adrianto, Repsol Madrid.

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