FOSI 1st Regional Seminar





15-17 March 1999, in Sasana Budaya Ganesha ITB, Bandung
> A memorial seminar of the 50th anniversary of van Bemmelen’s book: The Geology of Indonesia (1949)
> 35 papers presented, covers Indonesia from west to east, giving an update on regional geology understanding
> Attended by 300 geoscientists from Indonesia, neighbouring countries, also UK and USA
> Supported by international geoscience organization such as SEPM, IAS, AAPG, The Geological Society, SPE
> Publishers involved in this meeting: Springer Verlag & Blackwell
> Proceeding is available from FOSI for Rp.50.000,- , excluding p&p (Please contact the General Secretary)
> The proceeding includes all extended abstracts presented during the seminar with 50 figures, van Bemmelen’s biography and bibliography.

The TECTONICS AND SEDIMENTATION OF INDONESIA seminar has been held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (ITB Conference Center) Bandung on 15-16 March 1999, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ‘Geology of Indonesia’ book, authored by R. W. van Bemmelen and published in 1949. This remarkable 50-years-old publication is still widely referred up to now although it utilizes old geological concepts and a few amounts of data. Research activities grow actively after in the region, resulted in new concepts and a better understanding of the area. The purpose of the seminar is to give an opportunity for the geoscientists to share their knowledge and experiences of their recent research activities on the geology of Indonesia.

The seminar was attended by 274 geoscientists mainly from Indonesia and its neighboring countries. Most of the participants are from the industries (128 participants/ 47%), academic institutions (119 / 43%) and civil services (27 / 10%). The numbers of the academic participants were very high, with 55 students and 15 lecturers from Indonesian universities were sponsored.

The seminar was started with an opening session where opening speeches were presented by Prof. Djoko Santoso (ITB rector assistant), Rob Hulsbos (a representative of the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands – KNGMG) and Herman Darman (convener). The following key-note speech session was begun by Prof. J.A. Katili who gave an introductory speech on invaluable memory of van Bemmelen. The other keynote speakers were Dr. Henry Posamentier (ARCO) who presented the evolution of the sequence stratigraphic models and Prof. S. Maruyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology) who brought into attention with the plume tectonic model, an explanation on global scale material circulation in the Earth’s interior.

This two-days seminar was divided into five technical sessions with 29 oral presentations, covering different aspects of geology from all over Indonesia, from the west to the east. Tom Heidrick (Caltex) moderated a facultative informal discussion on Western Indonesia Tectonostratigraphy in the late afternoon of the first day. On the second day, Simon Lang (Queensland University of Technology) lead a similar discussion on Kalimantan Syn-tectonic Sedimentary Style.

A one-day field course on sequence stratigraphy application on outcrop was organized on March 17, 1999, lead by Dr. Henry Posamentier (ARCO) and Prof. Soejono Martodjojo (ITB). During this field course, about 30 participants got the chance to discuss Bayah Formation, in Pasir Bongkok, Sukabumi (West Java) in detail. Most participants proactively shared their own experience consequently resulted in a lively discussion in the field became very interesting.



About Herman Darman

Petroleum Geoscientist, 25 years of experience in exploration, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Former Soviet Union.
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