Carbonate Sedimentology And Diagenesis : Their Impact On Reservoir Quality and Distribution #2

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Date & Place : July 3 rd – 7 th, 2016 | Yogyakarta
Instructor : DR. Alit Ascaria, Ph. D. (Repsol)

Investment Fee : IDR 16.500.000,- / participant

” The course fee includes meals (2x coffee break and lunch), training kits, training materials, group photograph, certificate. Excludes Value Add Tax and Hotel Accomodation. In order to allow sufficient time for arranging travel and processing document, participants are recommended to make”

About The Workshop :

This five-day course introduces the principle of carbonate sedimentology, seismology, stratigraphy and diagenesis and how to utilize seismic data to interpret carbonate reservoir geometry and characteristics as applied to hydrocarbon exploration and development geology. Learning objectives stress the principles that shape carbonate accumulations and the development of interpretive skills. The course emphasizes the development of original depositional, stratigraphic or diagenetic models by highlighting process-response relationships on a facies scale and basin dynamics on the scale of carbonate platforms.

You Will Learn

  • Day 1 : Introduction for carbonate sedimentology and reservoir: Carbonate Components, Carbonate Pore Classification.
  • Day 2 : Classification of Carbonate Rocks According to Depositional Texture, Environmental Controls, Depositional Environments, Facies and Depositional Systems of Carbonates.
  • Day 3 : Sedimentary Facies Patterns, Depositional Models and Nomenclature, Carbonate Stratigraphy of Platform.
  • Day 4 : Evolution from Sediment to Rock: Carbonate, Sedimentation Diagenetic-Reservoir.
  • Day 5 : One day Field Trip to Karst Gunung Kidul Area

Who Should Attend

Geologist, geophysicists, petrophysicist, drilling engineer, explorationist and other personnel who work in oil and gas industry and interesting in carbonate reservoir for exploration and development.

About Instructor :

N. Alit Ascaria, PhD. was born on May 26, 1966. He received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree with subject of Carbonate Reservoir and Regional Geology from University of London, United Kingdom. He has been working for oil & gas industry for 19 years. His working experiences start from year 1998-2005 in North Sumatra area, West Java, South Sumatra, East Kalimantan, East Java, East Sulawesi and Papua with job function of seismic interpretation, and 2005 – 2006 in North Lombok area regional mapping and lead assessment.
He is a lecturer and a course instructor for professionals in carbonate reservoir for exploration and development at Institute of Technology Bandung, University of Indonesia and University of Padjadjaran. Active in writing papers and publications. There have been 11 publications covering various subjects of geology and petroleum exploration.
Two of his papers named by “Carbonate play concept in Sopa and surrounding areas : an alternative model for hydrocarbon occurrence, Musi Platform, South Sumatera Basin” and “Integrated study of acoustic impedance modeling and seismic facies to understand reservoir distribution: Kamundan Blok, Irian” has been chosen as a best paper in 1999 and 2001. In 1991-1997 he got a scholarship from British Petroleum for Ph. D. program and in a year 2000 he received a Geoscientist Award from Pertamina.

Cancellation, Substitution & Non Attendance Policy:

Tuition fees are transferable but not refundable. Notification is required to substitute another participant, no later 5 working days prior to the program, should the nominated person be unable to attend. Late cancellation sometimes causes event to be abandoned. Non attendance participant will be full charged as all preparations will have been done.

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