BS#20 Sumatra

Berita Sedimentologi #20, 1/2011, February

“Berita Sedimentologi” or Sedimentological News, is the official bulletin of the Indonesian Sedimentologists Forum (FOSI).

In February 2011, Berita Sedimentologi #20 has been issued.

The articles included in the bulletin are as follow:

  • First Evidence of Miocene Avian Tracks from Sumatra
    by Yahdi Zaim, Yan Rizal, Gregg F. Gunnell, Thomas A. Stidham, Russell L. Ciochon
  • Outcrops Conservation of Tanjung Baru or Lower Talang Akar Formation, Baturaja City of Palembang Area – South Sumatra Basin: How important? by Premonowati
  • Half-day visit to Solok-Sawahlunto Area, Ombilin Basin: A Short Observation on Non-Marine Depositional Sequences by RM. Iman Argakoesoemah and Didit Ariady Firmansyah
  • Seismic Expression of Some Geological Features of Andaman-Offshore West Sumatra Subduction Zone by Herman Darman
  • Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Simeulue forearc basin, NW Sumatra by Edyta Frankowicz
  • Book Review: Sumatra: Geology, Resources and Tectonic Evolution by Fatrial Bahesti



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  1. sapri agusnadi says:

    kalau bapak tidak keberatan, saya mohon dikirimi berita sedimentologi sumatera ke email saya ya pak, terimakasih.

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